Pop Art Collective is VERY excited to have The Noise performing at our March event. 



The NOISE are: Violins – Veronique Serret & Mirabai PeartViola – James Eccles, Cello – Oliver Miller 


Click on their photo to be taken to The Noise website and learn more about these innovative Australian artists.

The NOISE is one of Australia’s most intriguing ensembles. Their members have worked for the likes of The Australian Chamber Orchestra, Sydney Symphony, Pinchgut Opera and Sydney Dance Company, and collaborated with musicians from some of the top jazz, world, and pop groups from Australia and around the world, including Joanna Newsom, Gurrumul, and The Presets. The quartet began life improvising together for fun, in a little terrace house in Sydney. Improvisation, collective music making and collaboration form The NOISE’s central artistic focus... It’s a fusing together of each of their (and their various collaborators’) multifarious musical interests, personalities, and experiences from across the musical spectrum, into a unique ensemble sound. It is this wide variety of musical experience that makes this quartet a particularly interesting amalgamation of players. All are classically trained, yet... cellist, Ollie (, studied both percussion and jazz piano in his formative years and plays cello in a number of jazz bands. Veronique spent many years playing violin in an avant-garde Sydney pop band, and she was a founding ensemble member (along with violist, James) of one of Australia’s pre-eminent new-music groups. James also specializes as a Baroque and Classical period violist. Violinist Mirabai (, has worked in Sydney’s free-jazz improv scene, travelled to Bangalore to study Carnatic Indian music, and tours the world playing Balkan and Greek fiddle. Ollie and James are also pretty proud of their collection of guitar effect pedals and The NOISE frequently plugs into amplifiers, opening up a whole other world of sonic possibilities. All of these influences converge to create an unusual form of collective virtuosity within the group, and an arsenal of string playing techniques not typically found amongst classical string quartets. The NOISE’s first album, Spontaneous Improvisation, was created entirely out of improvised and semi-composed material of the quartet’s own devising. It received Four Stars from the Sydney Morning Herald’s jazz critic, John Shand, who described the group as “four young Sydney players who have taken to improvisation like birds to flying ... share an aesthetic that free improvisation may dare to be melodic, evocative, starkly beautiful … and cohere with sometimes uncanny precision”. Their 2nd album, Composed NOISE (due for release in September 2013) was an attempt to marry the individual compositional voices of 7 composers with the collective improvisatory voice of the quartet. The largest single addition to Australia’s quartet repertoire, it is a collection of 7 newly commissioned works for improvising string quartet by 7 wonderfully imaginative Australian composers, and has been heralded by Sounds Like Sydney as “a project … that is about to overturn long held ideas about composing and performing music”. Also due for release (in 2014 on NAXOS), is Georges Lentz’s 7-hour long installation masterpiece, String Quartet(s). The NOISE has had the good fortune to work with a number of amazing co-collaborators and mentors - most notably, Judy Bailey, Georges Lentz, Danny Weltlinger, Lyle Chan, and Paul Cutlan.


Photo: Michael Wholley


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